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The Low Down on Vaping

Everyone has heard a story about what vaping can or cant do. Here we will try and give you the facts of vaping with none of the myths.
The facts around vaping and the use of nicotine

Below we will try to give you the facts around vaping with nicotine and debunk the myths associated with it. Although vaping is less harmful than smoking it is not without its risks and research continues around the subject but current research into the use of vaping as an alternative to smoking has shown positive results.

Vaping nicotine e-liquids has been shown to be a more effective delivery system which can be titrated to best suit an individual’s needs. The vapour produced from heating e-liquids poses far less risk and damage than smoking tobacco. Nicotine is addictive but surprisingly it is not a cancer-causing chemical. The combustible precursors used in cigarettes to keep them ignited such as 3-butadiene, acetaldehyde, cyanide, and arsenic have been proven to be contributing carcinogens. 

As the price of smoking continues to rise more and more people are turning to vaping as an alternative. Although the initial setup you choose could range from $40-$200 the ongoing and maintenance cost should only be around $20-$50 a week as opposed to $50 a day.

Nothing in life is 100% risk free and there is limited research into the long-term risks associated with vaping because vaping has not been around long enough to make a conclusion. However early research has shown that those risks are likely to be far less than the risks associated with smoking.

Second-hand vapour is believed to be of minimal risk to others unlike second-hand smoke which can expose others to the same health risks as the person smoking. Continual research and testing continue around this topic and will become clearer over time. Therefore, it is recommended to not expose children or others to second-hand vapour. Many venues treat vaping in the same way as smoking and designated to only be carried out in certain areas.

Many countries around the world have researched the benefits of vaping with nicotine to stop smoking with great success. Hopefully in the future Australia too will see the benefits and move forward. However, in the meantime each state has its own legislation on the use of e-cigarettes and nicotine.



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