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Vaping Jargon and Slang

The prospect of vaping is daunting enough without the unfamiliar language associated with it. Here we will try and explain the meanings of this new language
Vaping Terms Meanings and Jargon

The transition to vaping can be an overwhelming experience often full of vaping jargon and slang you have never of before, below we will try and explain some of the most common words you may hear.

  • Where do you start?
  • What goes with what?
  • What goes where?

Below we are going to try and make the process a little easier by explaining what some of the key components and terms used in the vaping scene mean.


  • Vaping is the transition of turning one substance into another by means of a force. For example, vape juice is turned into a vapor under power and heat.

Mod / Pod

  • Mods are the power source and setting controller of the vaporiser. Powered by either internal or external batteries.

Atomiser / Tanks / Pod

  • This is where the magic happens. These parts hold the e-liquid which soaks into the coil and attaches onto the top of the mod.


  • Coils are the vaporising source point consisting of thick cotton and wire. The e-liquid soaks into the cotton, as power is deployed from the battery it heats the wire wrapped around the cotton in turn causing the cotton to dry and vapor being produced. 




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