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COVID NSW Lockdown at The Vape Dungeon
General News

Lockdown Click and Collect

The NSW state wide lockdown has brought about further restrictions and conditions for The Vape Dungeon. We are continuing trade (Non Face 2 Face, Click and Collect) and have taken the following precautions.

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Vapers Tongue advice Vape Dungeon
Helpful Advice, Hints or Tips

Vaper’s Tongue Advice

Vaper’s tongue is when you experience a loss of taste while vaping. It usually happens suddenly and without warning. Let’s take a look at some common causes and some potential fixes.

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The facts around vaping and the use of nicotine
General News

The Low Down on Vaping

Everyone has heard a story about what vaping can or cant do. Here we will try and give you the facts of vaping with none of the myths.

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Vaping Terms Meanings and Jargon
Default blog

Vaping Jargon and Slang

The prospect of vaping is daunting enough without the unfamiliar language associated with it. Here we will try and explain the meanings of this new language

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