Sik Currrnt by Rebel Bogan 

Never judge a juice by its name, especially Sik Currrnt by Rebel Bogan. Packed full of flavour this juice features plump blackcurrants that are bursting with flavour. It doesn’t end there, as its quickly followed with a hint of shiny red cherries.

  • PG 30 / VG 70
  • 60ml Short Fill (75ml Bottle)
  • Made in Australia

Oi! What’s the John Dory ya Sik Currrnt? Arc up and get your cookie dusters wet on this sauce, it’s the cat’s pyjamas.

Go on. What ya waitin’ for? Add it to ya cart mate!

We could say some la-de-da marketing w**k about how it was diligently crafted from the finest ingre… Bla bla bla… Bugger that! Just try it, it’s heaps good ey!

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