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Melon Colada Ice by Monster Labs

Melon Colada Ice by Monster Labs is a tropical medley of melon, pineapple and coconut encapsulated in ice. The melon and pineapple sweetness drifts into a creamy coconut before being blown away by the menthol finish.

  • Ice Monster is available in 100ml ready to vape bottles.
  • Ratio 75% VG / 25% PG

In 2016 Monster Vape Labs started on their journey to make memorable vape flavours. Today they produce 10 different brands that are shipped around the world. Have you met all of the Monster Family?

Custard Monster, Fruit Monster, Tobacco Monster, Frozen Fruit Monster, Ice Monster, Jam Monster, Classic Monster, Lemonade Monster, The Milk, and Cream.

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