Batteries by Golisi

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Golisi Battery Range

Ensure the best performance from your externally powered device by using a good quality High Drain Li-ion battery from Golisi. Available in a variety of mAh to best suit your device.

S26 (18650)

  • Golisi S26 (18650) 2600 mAh High Drain Li-ion Battery Golisi S26 is a new comer of 18650 pro-series family.  The 2600mAh capacity and 25A constant discharging make it comparable with VTC5A. Its life cycle is expected more than 800 times, in comparison to traditional batteries. It is more powerful, environmentally friendly, safer and economic to use.
  • Capacity:2600mah, constant discharging: 25a

S32 (20700)

  • Golisi S32 (20700) 3200 mAh High Drain Li-ion Battery  High drain 20700 battery the S32  performs with a large capacity and excellent discharge rate.
  • Capacity: 3200mAh / 30A CDR, Max 40A/ 3.7V

S35 (21700)

  • Golisi S35 (21700) 3750 mAh High Drain Li-ion Battery S35 fulfills the niche of high power vape mods. This high drain IMR 21700 succeeds the gold 26650 cell. Boasting constant high discharging current and hard-wearing wrap.
  • Capacity: 3750mAh, constant discharging: 30A.

S43 (26650)

  • Golisi S43 (26650) 4300 mAh High Drain Li-ion Battery S43 high drain IMR 26650 battery is a solid quality rechargeable 26650 battery. S43 has a protection mechanism stopping it from working immediately and permanently  when short-circuited.
  • Capacity: 4300mah, Constant current: 35A,  real rated.



*Li-Ion batteries may explode if you do not charge or discharge them properly.

*Users must have knowledge on how to charge and discharge Li-Ion batteries.

*We are NOT responsible for any damage that is caused by the misuse of Li-Ion Batteries.

*It is not a protected battery.

*We recommend using an external battery charger for charging these batteries

*Charging batteries via a mod using a USB cable is not recommended.  

*Improper charging and use of these batteries can be fatal. 


**If nicks or tears are seen on the battery covering DO NOT USE. If you are unsure about the condition of your batteries please bring them in-store for a free battery health check from one of the Vape Dungeon Team.