Glass Water Bubblers by Puri5

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    Glass Water Bubblers by Puri5

    For a refined, smoother, and cooler experience the glass water bubbler provides another filtration process. Made from Pyrex glass and cleverly designed the water bubbler is spill proof.

    Available for the Magnum 3, Titanic 3, Aviator 4, and Magnum 4

    Filling the Water Bubbler:

    • Invert the water bubbler and insert the mouthpiece into a glass of water
    • Suck on the bottom (base) of the bubbler until desired amount of water is present in the bubbler
    • Remove from the water and turn the bubbler back to original position
    • Place on the device and power on and operate as usual

    Emptying the Water Bubbler:

    • Remove bubbler from device
    • Invert bubbler
    • Place an empty glass below the mouthpiece
    • Blow through the base to expel the water

    Puri5 Water Bubbler Instructions


    **To achieve the best performance from your Puri5 device it is recommended to regularly clean and check all parts and accessories.