Aviator 4 by Puri5

The Aviator 4 by Puri5 has reached its fourth generation. This new interface features the most recent technology from the convection industry with a focus on consistency of smooth flavour from a combustion-free experience.

The Air-Hi convection heating technology is a fully isolated airpath direct from the heating chamber. The digital display clearly shows the real time temperature of the heating chamber. The adjustable settings enable the device to be customised to personal preference.

  • Temperature Setting
  • Vaping Time
  • Displayed Measurement (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

The removable chamber allows easy access to the heating chamber for cleaning and maintenance. A magnetic tool stored in the base of the device can assist with packing and emptying of the oven. A chamber and airpath brush are included with the kit.

The Aviator 4 features an adjustable airflow to control the restrictiveness of flow to suit individual preference. The mouth piece contains a ceramic filter that is durable against repetitive heating and cooling but also provides a smooth draw.

For a further refined, smoother, and cooler experience the addition of a Pyrex glass bubbler can be utilised. Simply invert the bubbler into water and draw to fill slightly. The spill proof design cleverly traps the water, turn the right way up and attach in place of the original glass mouthpiece to provide a second layering of filtration.


  • Auto-off timer
  • Haptic feedback function (sleep/wake/ready)
  • Class A Li-Polymer built-in battery (500+ charging cycle tested)
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Temperature range (320°F – 428°F / 160 ° – 221 ° C)
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • USB-C charging port


  • 1 Aviator-4 vaporizer
  • 1 USB-C charging cable
  • 1 Concentrate pad
  • 1 Chamber too
  • 1 Ceramic filter
  • 1 Silicone ring
  • 1 Chamber brush
  • 1 Airpath brush

** Available with or without Glass Bubbler**

Available Extras:

  • Aviator 4 Glass Bubbler
  • Dab Pads


Starting Temperature Guide:

  • 160 degrees Celsius without water filtration
  • 180 degrees Celsius with water filtration

Recommended Grind:

  • Medium to fine

Recommended Packing:

  • Snug (not tight / not too loose)

Plus Water Bubbler, Without Water Bubbler

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