18650 Battery Wraps (2pcs)

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Battery Wraps (2pcs)

Battery wraps are available in matching sets of 2. Available in a variety of styles and themes these wraps will fit any 18650 batteries. Slide onto battery and apply heat via a hair dryer or heat gun and the wrap will shrink around the battery.

Made from a malleable PVC the wraps act as a second skin to provide extra protection for batteries. Matching pairs of batteries enables quick identification of any “Married” Li-ion batteries. Married batteries relates to 2 batteries that have always been used together in the same device and charged together.

Batteries with any nicks or tears to the plastic covering need re-wrapping to avoid the risk of arcing while in use.

Why not add some personality to your batteries while protecting your self and your mod.

Available Styles:

  • The Vape Dungeon
  • Super Hero’s
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Comic Books


*If you are unsure if your batteries need re-wrapping or just want a general health check on your batteries just bring them down to The Vape Dungeon for a FREE battery health check-up and rewrap 

*You can never be too safe or cautious when it comes to battery care.