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Disposable vs Refillable Pod Vapes

What's all the fuss about disposable pods?
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Ask any member of staff from a vape shop what is the most common asked question or enquiry they receive daily if not multiple times a day is, and I bet most of them would have the same answer.

“Do you sell the disposable vape pods / pens / sticks?”

Now don’t get me wrong everything has its place in the world (except for moths maybe, but that’s a discussion for another time) Our life is made up of decisions and choices and based on those we learn and grow. So, baring this in mind lets take a closer look at these disposable vapes such as HQD, JUUL, RELX, Helix, and Puff Bars and see what all the fuss is about.

**The Important Legal Information**

  • It is ILLEGAL for any retailers in Australia to sell nicotine e-liquids / e-juice / vape juice in a bottle or pre-filled pod / pen.
  • It is LEGAL to sell refillable pod and vape devices in Australia and prefilled pods containing 0mg of nicotine only but check your local state legislation.
  • The importation of nicotine for personal use (upto 3 months’ supply) is legal but check local state legislation 

Let us begin with the pros and cons of disposable pods in comparison to a refillable pod device.



  • Minimal Maintenance: No replaceable parts, just use until empty and throw away
  • Easy to Use: May have no buttons and be draw activated or 1 button for draw
  • Hassle-free: Pre-filled pods eliminate the hassle and mess of handling e-liquids
  • Vapour: Minimal vapour production making it very discreet


  • Limited Flavour Choice: Pre-filled pods can be limited in their flavour profiles between brands
  • Spit Backs: Occasional spit back of liquid and no ability to purge the pod
  • Failures: Risk of getting a dead battery or dying before its time with the pod still full of juice
  • Vapour: Minimal vapour production due to ratio of PG/VG and small battery capacity
  • Waste: Increased landfill waste, littering



  • Personalise Experience: Refillable pods have different types of refillable cartridge depending on the vaping experience wanted.
  • User-friendly: Most refillable pods come with auto-draw or single button draw function. Pods are easy to replace and refill
  • Unlimited Flavours: Choose any flavour by any manufacturer, fill the pod and enjoy
  • Replacement Parts: Replacement pods that can be interchanged onto the device with different flavours
  • Power: Rechargeable via a USB port these pods often have a 3-tiered light system indicating battery capacity


  • Maintenance: A minimal amount of maintenance is required to ensure the pod keeps in good health such as cleaning, charging, and priming of new replacement pods
  • Inconvenience: Repetitively refilling replacement pods and charging the device again and again may get frustrated
  • Bulky: Usually a little bigger than the disposables plus all the accessories (spare refillable pod, charge cord, extra juice, power bank)


Support your local vape shop and the vaping community. We are working hard to support and fight for your right to vape with nicotine as a smoking cessation therapy. These cheap illegal nicotine pods are saturating the market and only exacerbating the struggles of the retail vape shops.

When the disposable pod has a problem and doesn’t work you have no one to go to for advice, support or to problem solve.

Shop at your local vape store and experience all the support and guidance you need, just don’t ask us if we have any disposable pods… But at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and whatever helps you move away from smoking is a win.



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